TFH YYC is Touch for Health Calgary

Professionally Trained, Certified Natural Health Professionals are here to assist your wellness goals.

We operate under a self-responsibility model where we educate and show you how to assist your body's amazing capacity to heal.

A Touch for Health Session is as individual as you are and as in depth as the Wellness Specialist that you have chosen to support you.

Most sessions have the following things in common:

  • Your professional will use muscle feedback response (aka muscle testing)  to  help you feel the quality of your energy flow

  • The corrections were pioneered and researched by professionals

  • The modality has safely and effectively been used by tens of thousands around the world

  • The professional you work with has demonstrated proficiency in Touch for Health exams

  • Your professional is insured, and has been certified by the International Kinesiology College

  • Your session will be personalized to your specific needs and goals

  • The modality is physically non-invasive and considered safe 

  • It works

What is unique to each session is:

  • Each professional brings unique skill, experience, and specialty to your session such as RMT, PT, RN and more

  • Each practitioner will have different backgrounds and training to support your wellness goals

  • Some professionals have expertise in solving very physical aches and pains while others access more subtle levels

  • Some consultants see energy bringing intuitive insights into the session while others depend on academic insights

  • The actions and corrections will be UNIQUE TO YOU.  Its not a cookie cutter process where one pill fits all. 


We don't prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure.  We do access your body's innate intelligence, the inner healer, who will use the language of the body - muscles, tissue, bones, and hormones - to communicate the level of stress and state of balance.  We will listen to that language as it takes us to locations of stress and reduced energy flow that may be associated with that stress.  Once the blocks to healing are removed, the body can do what it is designed to do and heal itself.   

Try a session.  See a professional - or two.  Most of us have amazing stories of self-healing and hopeless diagnoses reversed.


Use the Contact Form below and ask about  the next Demo / Info class where you can see this process in action, feel the strength in a muscle feedback response, try out a few of the corrective protocols,  ask questions, and decide if this is right for you.  You have nothing to loose but your pain.


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As an integrative complement to any health care program, Touch for Health is designed to support a healthy lifestyle and responsible health practices.  It is not intended to replace a responsive relationship with your health care provider.

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