Touch for Health is part of a Global Community Bridging Physical Science and Energy Science

People from all walks of life have taken Touch for Health.  In fact it is very common for highly educated professionals to learn side by side with people who have not taken any body class in their lives. 


This is possible because the information is fresh, foundational, and an integrated new way to look at wellness, health and healing.   Those who truly desire to understand ways to keep the body in balance so it can heal itself, and not just suppress symptoms, find Touch for Health a refreshing change.   

Open-minded Scientists understand the breadth and potential within the techniques:

Like Dr. Charles Krebs, a former Marine Biologist and a University Instructor of Anatomy, who after a diving accident left him paralyzed, used these techniques to strengthen muscles.  His ongoing research into ways to restore brain pathways has given hope to thousands of people struggling with learning disability and brain injury.  He is the developer of LEAP (Learning Enhanced Acupressure System) also known as Brain Integration which is a specialized kinesiology program that requires entry level Touch for Health training  as a prerequisite.


Ian Stubbings, an Electrical Engineer by trade, became curious about ways to de-stress electric systems in the human body and explored the ways amperage and resistance could effect the subtle energetic systems.  His Stress Indicator Points techniques help detect stress in the body's electrical systems, and he has authored numerous SIPS programs which de-stress 'static' and create healthy energy flow.

Energy Healers love Touch for Health as it provides ways to explain - or visually demonstrate - the effects of subtle energetic procedures:

Like Donna Eden, who was born with the ability to see energy and read the way it flows around a person.  She uses energy testing  - to 'show' others the result of the corrective techniques she teaches.  In her book Energy Medicine, she speaks of taking a Touch for Health class at the beginning of her career  --  and describes how that class opened her to possibilities and ways to bring her skill to a broader audience.  She is the founder of "Energy Medicine" and has an ever-expanding education model that is helping thousands.

Even Emotional Freedom Technicque (EFT) also known as "Tapping" has developmental roots in Touch for Health.  Psychologist Roger Callahan took a Touch for Health class in the 1970's.  There he learned that acupuncture meridians can store emotions, and tapping on key points on a meridian can help release the charge of stored energy.  Taking this knowledge to his psychology practice he was able to help his clients achieve new levels of success.  Currently there are many ongoing studies proving the science and effectiveness of EFT with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress).


There are so many stories of  gifted energy healers discovering their amazing gifts through Touch for Health techniques

People who use Muscle testing on a regular basis report an increased sensitivity and accuracy of their intuition ​ 


Specialized Kinesiology Worldwide

Earl Cook has created an Interactive Touch for Health Tree with links to websites of some modalities that have been inspired by Touch for Health. 


The concepts pioneered by Dr. George Goodheart and adapted by Dr John Thie  (notice the trunk of the tree) have inspired over 140 modalities, been taught to tens of thousands of enthusiastic learners, and expanded to over 50 countries around the world.  Dr Thie's Touch for Health manual has been translated into 15 languages.

The image on the right shows just a few of the modalities that have grown from TFH .  The button below will link to Earl's interactive tree where you can click on links for each item listed.


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As an integrative complement to any health care program, Touch for Health is designed to support a healthy lifestyle and responsible health practices.  It is not intended to replace a responsive relationship with your health care provider.

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