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 Touch for Health level 1
 Touch for Health level 2,   
Learn the magic of muscle testing and the ways to correct energy imbalances.  This is the foundation class for MANY healing modalities.  Those who do body work love the way it integrates and improves the effectiveness of what they do.  Those who do energy modalities love that this gives them a tool to help the client 'feel' and 'see' what is going on in the body. 
Each level is two consecutive days, 16 hours, International Kinesiology College certified
Qualifies for CEU's with some Associations
   TFH Metaphors Roughing-it Retreat
We're filming the Metaphor class and will make it available as an online course in Oct.  
Set a powerful and through the magic of metaphor and movement lock the 'meta'physical  intention into your 'physical body.   This is such a powerful course that you can use every day of your life to manifest amazing things in your world. 
The course is two consecutive days, 16 hours but because we will be filming the content it will take a bit more time to film.  You will be asked to sign a media waiver.  If you are camera shy, please take an alternate class.
Other life designing activities are planned.   
 International Kinesiology College certified
September 2020
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Third annual
IKC Balanceathon 


What is TFH?  ask for a demonstration.

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Student Practice/Review are open to all students who have completed TFH 1 or 2.  

  • Practice Review dates are announced via email. OR SET UP WHEN THERE IS A REQUEST.  Be sure to get on the email list for updates

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As an integrative complement to any health care program, Touch for Health is designed to support a healthy lifestyle and responsible health practices.  It is not intended to replace a responsive relationship with your health care provider.

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