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As an integrative complement to any health care program, Touch for Health is designed to support a healthy lifestyle and responsible health practices.  It is not intended to replace a responsive relationship with your health care provider.

Why Donate

Hmmm, interesting that you would click to this page.  It's hidden from view.  You can only can access it from one small button.

Honestly, I almost took the "Donate now"  button away completely.  

But something said 'Stop"

Something said, "Give it a chance."

Something said, "Someone needs a way to say thank you. Someone wants to do more."

Truth is, donating can be a dangerous risk.  I mean who can you trust now-a-days?

How can you know your donation goes to where you want it to be?    

Can you trust it will be managed wisely? 

May I be direct?

Many of us who share our skill and knowing do so out of love.  Not the squishy ooey gooey kind that makes one gag and turn away.   But the friendship kind, the deep compassionate respect of seeing a need and knowing we've been blessed with what may fill it.  We recognize a struggle in others because many of us have been there -- we feel a kinship.  We hold an appreciation that someone helped us on our journey, gave us a hand when we had fallen -- and we now have the resources to do the same. 

The thing is, how you put a price on transformation?  What is good health worth?  What is the value of being supported as you grow in knowledge and confidence... as you move from weak to confident strong?  How much does it cost?  If someone needs support, we don't turn away because they don't have the means to pay.

We know that when someone is needy, tired, weak, broken, confused -- the whole body experiences the void.  Even the pocketbook.  Especially the pocketbook.  How can one work when he's depressed?  How can she earn a healthy living when her body is putting all its energy into trying to regain physical health?  There is a huge disconnect here...  and we see it over and over again.  Those who need this the most might not be able to afford it.  And when they can afford it, they tend to be in good shape already.  This we know because many of us have been there ourselves.  So we try to balance our need to pay our bills and cover costs, with the need to help another and give them a hand up so they don't need a hand-out.


So here is the page.... a chance to pay it forward to someone else... or pay it backward for the benefits you received.  What someone did for you... you know it was life changing... and you know it was worth far more than you paid.  Or maybe you just want to help out and do more.  

Just this week the Hope Scholarship provided a class for a worthy student in need of a temporary hand.  When she is back on her feet, things will turn around and we know she will be in a position to sponsor another person.  Life is like that.  Ups and downs.  Sometimes we need.  Other times we can help another.

When you donate to TFHYYC  I will promise you this:


  1. It will stay in Calgary and support the vision and mission of Touch for Health Calgary.

  2.  You can designate your gift to go toward scholarships, local events, pay-it-forward sessions.  You decide.

  3.  The money you you gift will be used with great respect and appreciation.  We WILL give it to the person or project you define... and if we can't, we will let you know. 

  4. We WILL respect your spirit of giving and never waste or use your gift in a dishonest or disproportionate way.

  5. When you make a donation, we WON'T keep calling for more and more and more. 

  6. And we WONT make a big deal of it or you.  Honestly, if you want your name on a  brick or to be listed on a scroll of benefactors celebrated over tea, this is not the place.  (perhaps in time

  7. We WILL say "Thank You"  and ask you to be clear about how 'anonymous' you wish to be.  (We do need to record the amount  for record keeping and there will be a digital trail, but your privacy is very important)

So in advance, THANK YOU, for recognizing the work - or a person - and valuing it with a financial gift.    Currently we do not have a Charity Tax status.   Any donation will be treated as a gift.... not a taxable tip... but a gift.

Thanks in advance for your generosity


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