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Touch for Health - Calgary is a community of professionals & students and who muscle testing and the Touch for Health method of energy balancing for personal wellness and professional practice.   

This site is set up for 4 goals:

  • To introduce the Touch for Health System of Energy balancing to the general public

  • To provide a one stop site for Touch for Health Classes offered in Calgary and area

  • To support ongoing education of Touch for Health trained students and professionals

  • To support the growth of Touch for Health in Calgary by creating a cooperative community  

  • We use the Touch for Health System of Personal Wellness 

  • We use muscle testing to follow the energy flow through the meridian system

  • We offer private sessions and wellness mentoring for clients desiring a more self-empowered life.

  • We encourage a self-responsibility model and training to advance  personal health, emotional outlook, physical energy, and integrative recovery perspectives.

Thanks to ikcweb for this YouTube video of the founder Dr John Thie demonstrating one type of Touch for Health balance 

Touch for Health  -  Miracles Every day


People of all ages use Touch for Health for many reasons. 

But the common factor with everyone is they all recognize that good health is dependent on self-care.  No one can monitor and maintain wellness better than they can. 

They accept the self-responsibility model that empowers, energizes, and clears blocks to wellness in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the body.  


They know that once the body is in balance, the  innate inner healing ability - that is within everyone -  becomes empowered to do what it is designed to do.


People across the globe have used Touch to improve their health.  


  • Aches and Pain,  Headaches, Migraines

  • Memory and Learning Stress

  • Muscle aches, cramping, and pain

  • Digestive Issues, re flux, constipation, Irritable Bowel, 

  • Posture, Balance, Vertigo, Coordination

  • Auto-immune dis-orders lupus, fibromyalgia

  • Chronic fatigue, Job or life burnout, Low energy

  • Food sensitivities, Allergies, Asthma

  • Pre- Surgery wellness, Post- surgery recovery

  • ...and so much more...



"When I was introduced to Touch for Health, I was depressed, sick, burnt out, and had lost hope.  I was spending loads of money hoping someone, somewhere could fix me.   Touch for Health gave me the tools to first help myself improve my health, energy, mindset and direction.  Then I was able to help my family and friends.  In time I turned my awareness into a career.     The tools are simple, powerful, LIFE CHANGING, and they WORK! "

Sandra Toms, M.Ed, PK

Touch for Health Consultant/Instructor

As an integrative complement to any health care program, Touch for Health is designed to support a healthy lifestyle and responsible health practices.  It is NOT a substitute for necessary medical Intervention and positive interactions with your doctor and professional health care providers.

"My original vision was to train my patients to help themselves improve their awareness and participation in their own experience of health ... to support the creation of wellness as an alternative to unnecessary and dangerous drugs and surgery...  These people - with no previous training in health care - were able to use the Touch for Health system to bridge the gap between feeling 'not well'  or out of balance, and feeling "sick enough" to consult a professional."

 Dr John Thie

Creator of Touch for Health

Changing the way we view health


Touch for Health is a system of balancing   posture, attitude, and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, feel and function better, be more effective, clarify and achieve your goals and enjoy your life.

​It was developed by Dr John Thie,  a chiropractor who discovered that wellness could be attained by incorporating techniques from Applied Kinesiology, Modern Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, & Ancient Chinese Aucpuncture.

Integrating Western and Eastern healing practices, an integrated 'world view' allows us to look at the body as a whole system, following energy pathways, through organs and glands.  Applying corrections to the physical muscles, lymphatic and circulation systems, while influencing the more subtle electrical and chemical pathways.   We look at a symptom and wonder at the cause, not just how to mute the body's call for help.   And we recognize that when the body is in balance, it is able to send healing energy wherever it is needed. 


Touch for Health became the first simple truly holistic system of health care in North America which was available to people with no previous knowledge of their body or how it works for them.   



Touch for Health - Something for Everyone


This is one of the few modalities where you can find both professionals and people with no previous training in health care studying side by side.  In any given class there may be a Doctor or Specialist - with many years of university training behind him - studying with a novice with no medical background at all. 


And the amazing thing is both learn exactly what they need for their goals. 

Professional Health care workers find ways to be better at what they do.  They begin to view the body as an integrated whole. They learn tools and ways to be more targeted in finding the best treatment for their patients. Many improve intuition.  All become better and more efficient at what they do. 

Moms and Dads discover Touch for Health Calgary is a fantastic system to help them support their child's growth and development.  Aware and empowered they know how to support their own wellness and can help their children keep energy flowing and in balance. 

Seniors LOVE the way Touch for Health can make them feel.  Through balance they discover aging is natural, and does not have to be painful, limiting, or difficult.


Touch for Health as a stand-alone or integrated into a Specialized Kinesiology certificate is a satisfying profession. 

And a new generation of youth ages 9 through 21 are growing up comfortably and loving life in a very empowered and healthy way.

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As an integrative complement to any health care program, Touch for Health is designed to support a healthy lifestyle and responsible health practices.  It is not intended to replace a responsive relationship with your health care provider.

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